“In Abundance there is no poverty - In Wellness, there is no disease 
In Enlightenment, there is no ignorance” – Mark Stephen Chasan 

AWE Institute was formed to fulfill a dream of great transformation and new possibilities to create a world of A.W.E. - Abundance, Wellness & Enlightenment. 

This is a global dream that affects all life, from the starving children in the poorest countries, to you and me, who have Internet access, the ability to read and our basic needs met. This is a dream about human potential, healing, regeneration and rebirth.

AWE Institute’s mission is to reawaken our appreciation of the magnificent beauty of our planet and the potential of humankind to rise to an equal magnificence and beauty by creating a world of A.W.E. – Abundance, Wellness & Enlightenment.  A world that is peaceful, just, and loving inhabited by humans that are environmentally conscious and socially responsible stewards of regeneration that create an abundant planet for this and future generations.

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